Thursday, 17 May 2018

Food tech

Today was another day of cooking with Mrs Tuipulotu today we went step by step to create and bake a Delicious mince quich as we went through the process of the making of our quich here are the Ingredients you need to use to make your mince quich.

Step 1 - Cut the pastry into 9 pieces

step 2 - Put the paste into your muffin tray

Step 3 - Fry you mince with the onion

- Add mix vegetables
- Whisk five eggs with 1/2 of milk
- And bake at 180 degrees fair-ant high for fifteenth minutes

Now that we have guided you through the making of our quich you will end up making your delicious quich.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Why is business important? Facts about different Jobs,

Why is Business important
Businesses are important for your better career in the future it can help you produce social service in the making of your business businesses are also important to make more money in the making the types of businesses I would wanna achieve are being a lawyer a police officer and businesses are also important to build your career higher and higher.

How to become a police officer
Being a police officer is a very hard job you have to pass your unit test and you have to also get a good school diploma pass a law enforcement to build on how good of an officer you are and to graduate the police academy and to also work towards a police promotion

How to become a lawyer
Being a lawyer there are certain things you need to complete like Completing a Bachelor's Degree Program. A bachelor's degree is the minimum educational requirement for admission to law school passing the law school admission test and also advancing your career.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

MMT - Metal - Meterial

On Monday the 8th of February we had started MMT - Metal and Material when we first came into class we had to mark the roll and introduce ourselves so we knew what each others names were. Then we moved to more important things like choosing what we were going to make in metal so I had choose to create a cake cutter so Mr Naicker had handed each and everyone of us a booklet that we had to fill out there were nine pages we had to fill in and as we were finished completing the booklet we began to create our designs. MMT is one of my favourite classes on a Monday and Thursday mr Niacker is a very calm and cool teacher,Metal is a very fun class to hangout in and learn about making certain things.

  • In the process of the workshop there are certain rules like not touching things that your not suppose to touch when the teacher is working with multiple students.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Science blog

When science had began our whole class got science books to write down the safety rules.
  • Always put your bag under the desk
  • wear goggles when heating substaces or heating chemicals 
  • listen to intructions before you start particals 
  • No eating or drinking in the science lab 
  • Tie up long hair while doing any exsperiments 
  • wash you hands after particals 
  • tidy up after every partical 
  • Use both hands and be carefull and not jumpi8ng around while holding equitment
  • Do not touch any chemicals with you bare hands 
  • Do not sniff any chemicals but only warft with your hands 
  • Put broken glass pieces in the broken glass bucket 
  • When accidents happen always inform the teacher
  • Don't play with any equitment
We also learnt about lighting a bunsen burner 

  • Connect the rubber tube to the gas tob 
  • Close the air tube 
  • Light the match and bring it to the top of the barrel burner 
  • Turn the gas top on 
  • Open the air whole 

We also learnt about the planets

  • Murcury
  • Venus
  • Earth
  • Mars
  • .Jupiter
  • Saturn 
  • Urannus
  • Neptune 
The structure of the earth/Earth is made up of 4 layers 

  • Mantle
  • Crust
  • Outter core 
  • Inner core
  1. Crust
It is the earth outter most and thinnest layer around 30km thick .

2. Mantle is the denser layer mantle of lot.
Semi solid rock located below the crust about 3000km.

    3. Outter core is the only liquid layer mostly made of iron and niekkle around 2300km thick 

    4. Inner core is an extremly hot layer,solid layer made of mostly iron.

Types of crust here are two types of crust

  1. Continental crust - thicker layer 
  2. Oceanic crust - thicnner layer 
Inner core is the lattest layer 
Why is it still solid even though the outter core is liquid 

*Key word - preasure 

*The inner core remains solid because the preasure from the top layer 

* Allows particals to move and here remains solid 

*Crust is divided into two - lithosphere and asthenoshere.

*lithosphere is the rigid lower part of the earth consisting of the crust and upper mantle 

* Asthenosphere is the upper layer of the earths mantle,below the lithosphere in which there is relatively low resistance to plastic flow and convection is thought to occur.


volcanoes are substanced by subduction rifting hots spots the tectonic plates move over a fixed hot spot. It also erupts when it it transformed its boundary and when the plates slide together.